NIST vill ha feedback på FDS/Smokeview

Det är inte mycket som NIST begär för att vi ska få arbeta helt gratis med FDS. Men, nu har det kommit ut en uppmaning av Kevin McGrattan att vi alla som använder deras program ska skicka iväg två brev för att visa vem vi är och att vi finns. Se nedan:

I would like everyone to send two letters, one to each of the following individuals:

Anthony Hamins
Chief, Fire Research Division
Building and Fire Research Laboratory
Mail Stop 8660
National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8660 USA

Eva Häkkä-Rönnholm
Vice President, R&D, Materials and Building VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland P.O.Box 1000
FI-02044 VTT

The letters are intended to give us a better idea of who the FDS/Smokeview user community is. The letter need only contain a brief description of who you are, and what you do with FDS and Smokeview (and those of you who use the NIST zone model CFAST or the VTT Evacuation model, please add a brief note to your letter). Letterhead from your organization is useful in pointing out what type of organizations use the model, so that we can better direct our research efforts. If you work for a larger organization with multiple model users, please provide at least one letter per regional office, with an indication of how many users are in that office, and what the general application is.